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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 11, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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remembering those lost from washington to new york to pennsylvania on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> we must ask ourselves how best to honor them, those who died. >> they remind us not just by how they gave their lives, but by how they lived their lives. >> that being a hero is not just a matter of fate; it's a matter of choice. >> strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield. >> this is 9 news now. >> i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday night. nine years later, and it's been a solemn day of remembering and a day of protest. let's begin in new york where
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some 2,252 names at the world trade center were read out loud today. randall pinkston begins our coverage tonight. >> friends and family and political leaders pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 victims of 9 9/#1d #1d. >> robert james crawford. >> reporter: relatives and workers involved in the 9/#1d 1 memorial and museum read each name. a fireman's bell marked the moments when planes slammed into the tourist and when each one collapsed. one of the victims was 35-year- old john christopher henwood father of go. >> when did you know he was gone? >> i guess whenly father dave ran down the hallway in his apartment building. >> reporter: after years of lawsuits and delay, new buildings are finally rising at ground zero; but for some families of 9/#1d #1d victims, progress is bittersweet.
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>> because11 victims, progress is bittersweet. >> because it's sacred. >> at the pentagon, president obama laid a wreath to pay tribute to the #18d 4 people killed there. he later called on the nation to honor the memory of all 9/11 victims by refusing to let terrorists destroy american ideals. >> we will not let the acts of some small band of murderers who slaughter innocent and cower in caves distort who we are. >> reporter: in shakesville pennsylvania, first lady obama joined first lady bush to remember the passengers of flight 93. nine years have come and gone, and the memory of those lost in 9/11 continues on. >> as you just heard, president barack obama remembered the victims of the attacks. julia gone calves is there tonight. julia, i think it looks a bit
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different tonight than it did today at the memorial. >> reporter: certainly. a peaceful night. a lot of folks still out here this evening. they were very moved just by the mere presence of this space, and standing in this space, remembering, reflecting on what it was like nine years ago. a lot of folks talked about the poetry of the day. they say it was a crisp, clear september day with bright blue skies, just like it was that fateful day nine years ago; but now, where there was once destruction, there's peace. >> this whole hillside was turned into a memorial. people put up flags and posters and all kinds things. so this is where i was nine years ago; and of course, the pentagon looks quite a bit different.
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>> we came here today, because it is 9/11, and we felt we should do something patriotic. >> quiet, peaceful, remembrance, but a joyous kind of experience laying down and looking at the memorial. >> a quiet few walked the grounds, reflecting on how life changed nine years ago today. >> hard to believe. very hard to believe. i was still working with the air force then as a contractor, and we were in the facility and had a big-screen tv. within minutes, everyone was in front of the tv. all work ceased, and everybody was in shock. america has come together well over the last nine years. we're not going to let them take us down. >> an emotional day today; but as you can hear, lots of resolve from the folks who came here to the pentagon. you can imagine there were a
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number of local events commemorating this searsly, including one held in crystal city earlier today. it was a 5k race with police officers and firefighters. they raised thousands of dollars, all of that money going to the survivors fund. live at the pentagon, julian gonecalves, 9 news now. the city of alexandria paid tribute to the citizens who died in the attacks. members of the fire, police and sheriff's office held a special ceremony at the masonic temple. tonight in new york, twin blue beams of light shineing into the sky where the world trade center stood september 1. it's become an annual tradition in new york. that's washington cathedral. the bell rang nine times to honor the 9/11 victims. while the country paid tribute to the victims, here in
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washington, a small group tried to stand in support of pastor terry jones, the minister few people had ever heard of until he threatened to burn the koran. two demonstrations with different views on reverend jones. raffle a handful of protesters walked across the street to the white house to support andrew beecham, a tea party member who tore pages out of the koran. >> is it the koran or american liberty and christianity that you profess? >> we're exercising the freedom of speech, and we will not live in fear to islam, and there's only one religion, and it's christianity. >> it's very dangerous to give this information to the country and to the people. they believe it maybe, and you should know the history, and know that churches have killed over hundreds of years in every religion. >> reporter: beecham said this
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was in solidarity of pastor terry jones, who threatened to burn the holly islam book. this group went on with destroying the book. >> president obama and his administration has condemned the acts of desecrating the koran. today he addressed the bitter religious intolerance at a 9/11 tribute. >> we are not and never will be at war with islam. >> religious authority -- >> in response, a demonstration at freedom plaza. >> treating the koran or any holly text, like this, whether it be the bible, the torah, is disrespectful. it's disrespectful to the holiness of the document and those who revere the document. i think we should be concerned about violence. >> in washington, 9 news now. the debate over a proposed islamic center two blocks from the world trade center was heard in the streets around the site.
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today groups representing both sides held demonstrations. one side in support read: "the attack on islam is racism. another read, "never forget, never forget. no mosque." turning to the race where venti is trying to up stage the challenge from vincent gray. this is the final weekend, and both candidates held rallies and hit the streets looking to energy as their support base. the last three poles have gray up by 7, 11 and 17 points. each campaign is keeping secret its strategy for getting out the vote. each camp has about $400,000 between now and tuesday's democratic primary. >> for four years we've been making sure that we make this city do the type of things that we've been doing four years ago. >> been all over the city today. continue to do that today, tomorrow. we'll be visiting several churches. we have an event planned with the clergy tomorrow evening,
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and then we'll just be chris crossing the city on monday. >> more than 20,000 people have already cast early ballots in the district. be sure to stay with 9 news now and tuesday night for all of the breaking election results. tonight some northeast washington residents will have to wait at least another three hours before water is restored to their homes, the latest word tonight from the d.c. water department. crews have been working to repair a water maine break on street between maryland and epps street. quite a surprise for a homeowner in atlanta this weekend. a driver lost. hit an embankment and went airborne. the driver, believed to have been drunk, received minor injuries and some serious charges from police, no doubt. nobody inside the house was hurt. still ahead on 9 news, the
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search for the missing in a california neighborhood is still underway tonight. we'll have the latest. and a tragic accident killed passengers aboard a mega bus. we'll have the details when we come back. >> a cool start to this saturday morning and a mild end to it, maybe a touch warm for some. eighty degrees was our official high temperature. when you get up, though, we have major changes on the way. we are talking about rain moving back into the forecast. showers and cool temperatures. i'll have the complete outlook when 9 news this evening comes right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way?
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the double decker bus hit a bridge above a parkway. >> i felt something hit, and then i got stuck. and then i was unconscious for two minutes, and i saw -- i called from a friend. >> i was awakened by a huge crash and a bang, and i found myself under a bus with broken
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glass and realized there must have been an inaccident. >> officials say the driver took an unapproved root tonight. they're not sure why. the driver among five people hospitalized, and investigators haven't been able to talk to him. most of the injured treated at the hospital and released. fire and rescue crews in san bruno, california, used search dogs to comb through the rubble of a neighborhood destroyed by a deadly gas explosion. officials trying to determine the cause of the blast. today survivors gathered at red cross shelters to reunite with loved ones and look for answers. >> did you grow up in the house? >> yes. i'm #10d years old, and my dad died in the house. all of our memories are there. >> i saw our house was flat and she had per i should in the fire. >> also this evening, authority say the section of pipeline that ruptured and exploded was ranked as high risk, because it
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ran through a highly populated area. >> ron walters passed away. he had been a familiar face during the campaign season. he was a professor at the university of maryland. for 25 years, dr. ron walters taught and headed the political science department at howard university, an expert on race relations, civil rights and public policy. ron served as campaign manager for jesse jackson's 1984 presidential bid. he lived in silver spring with his wife, patricia. ron walters dead. metro is pushing montgomery county officials to exempt the transit agency from paying the county's new energy taxes. metro says the taxes will cost the agency nearly $3 million this year alone. you can read the full story in sunday's washington examiner. still to come on 9 news tonight, how many burritos can you eat in 10 minute? material dozen if you want to
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be a champ. we'll explain. >> and waking up to some rain in the morning. the forecast is next. mmmm.
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a great event. torpedo factor opens up. >> yeah. a great area. >> are you sick of the ragweed season? >> a little bit. >> we'll get rid of it tomorrow. but it is going to bring us cooler temperatures, especially for this time of year. talking nearly 10 degrees below where we should be. a lot of us speaking what should happen with the rain.
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does it last into the evening hours? a lot of people want to know if it lasts into the evening hours. the quick answer to that is, no. 74 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow, keeping it cool. warmer, and then still warm as we go into tuesday. the rain chance will only be short-lived from about a four- hour window tomorrow morning. let you know when we get to the game forecast overnight here tonight. so i think the rain here in washington, really the chance is after 3 a.m. we're into the upper 50s to near 60 to mid 60s by the time we get to about the heart of the city, i'd say. then we go 60 to 65. there might be a rumble of thunder and isolated storm. we're seeing the storms in the mountains and west virginia and way out in maryland. it is still a possibility. get to the afternoon, the rain comes to an end. the clouds sticking around. keeping it as a cool forecast. satellite and radar together. there is the rain toward romney,more field, west
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virginia, garrett county, oakland. it's already there. you'll see the rain overnight now. then you may be done with it. may see sunshine late in the day. get to it in the zone forecast. temperatures now that the overcast skies built in. holding the temperatures steady, falling into the 60s there as i explained. maybe an upper 50, then downtown we're about 65. so 3:45 tomorrow morning, very late here tomorrow night. some rainshowers start to spread in from the south. the best window of opportunity here, 6 a.m. to #10d p.m.. that's the immediate washington metro. we get our rain to be here. and there it is, 9:00. we have numerous showers here, maybe a thunderstorm within that. that's going to shut off. the big opportunity the steady showers to be here. that's in essence, 6 a.m. until #10d a.m. tough light showers sprinkle, anytime after 3 a.m., through the 1:00ed time frame tomorrow and. the steady shower 6 to #10d. going to get the rain at that time. this system is out of here.
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start off next week, southwest winds, lots of surge. that equals a warm day for this time of year. tuesday, a lot more sunshine, still a bit of a southwest wind and another warm day. but tuesday evening into wednesday. a front is going to come through. doesn't bring rain with it. that will bring in more mild temperatures. so ken, we're going to pack the stadium over in landover tomorrow night. at least we're going to end the rain. we'll keep clouds around. but a game time temperature, a kickoff at 68, a light northwest breeze at 5 to #10d. a light north breeze courtesy of the front coming through that shuts the rain out of here. so there we are in the western counties, sunshine leading through the afternoon. turns from sunshine to more than cloudy skies, showers in the day in washington. if off to the eastern shore, you'll see rain for nearly all of the day, a couple degrees, 68, 69 if you're there, not coming close to breaking 70. 74 for a high in washington, sunny skies and warmer temperatures as we start off the week. the front will bring in cooler, fall-like air wednesday through the end of the week. into next weekend, that is our
11:22 pm
next storm system. the best chance of rain right now overnight friday into saturday. so again, to repeat with that, the rain is going to be here. i don't think there's any doubt. there is a combination of a front, the leftovers of hermine dropping off the rain in the united states. a pretty wrapped up system. a lot of moisture when you're talking about what was once left of a tropical storm or hurricane. we're talking about that ending and, of course, what goes on tomorrow night. >> before we get to dave, we have big sports news here, an eating contest. another big one today for the best competitive eaters. this time it was burritos on the menu at the new mexican -- >> joey, chestnut down, 47 burritos in only #10d minutes; and that beats the previous record of 33 and a half. the mason hot dog eating contest back in june if you remember that. there was a $1,500 cash prize and maybe a little indigestion. >> i can't even stand washing that stuff. >> we're not going to mention -- >> no. don't mention that. >> did i mention that?
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>> just don't -- okay? >> got it. got it. >> what's up, everybody? big college football day. maryland does something they haven't done since 197 #5d. morgan state in the house today. everybody getting some this afternoon at bird stadium. what's going on in blackburg. six days turn into a nightmare for virginia tech. larry johnson wants in on the rivalry, but a member of his family loves the cowboys next in sports.
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i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. they only had the ball for 20 minutes and threw 5 passes for the entire game. >> the players were eager to get back on the field today. that's tori there, birch stadium. tori smith. that's a love connection. up 7-0. now in the second quarter, demetrius heart field, mater deem. i would like that on a silver platter please. 28 points in the second for
11:27 pm
maryland, fourth quarter now. can't touch this. >> d.j. adams, maryland scores its most points in 35 years. virginia tech looking to bounce back against james madison. rained in blacksburg today. tie rod. that is his gun to jared boyken. taylor was 10 of 16. but the hokeys turned it over 3 times, and james madison kept running the play. the quarterback option. drew jezick cuts it to 16-14. after another mistake, same play, same guy. does it, does it again. biggest in their history. they shocked virginia tech 21- 16. in annapolis, navy flying the colors against georgia southern. another opponent. this week, navy didn't fumble in the red zone, and they also got a yard.
11:28 pm
ricky dobbs. but they needed defense. fourth quarter. a navy special ops mission gets the sack. holds on 13-7. they go to one- on-one. other scorers today, capital beats new port news, apprentice 42-32. hampton over howard, 31-21. hu there. virginia and usc scoreless right now. we explored every angle surrounding dallas week, except every one. while this will be his first dallas redskins game. he said his mom was a huge emmitt smith fan.
11:29 pm
>> emmitt smith doesn't play no more. it's definitely -- i'm looking forward to being a part of it and have a piece of the rivalry being with the team and being able to compete and play the team twice every year. >> by the way, if you have dinner with vernon davis anytime soon, have him pick up the check. the 49ers have signed him to a five-year extension making him the highest paid tight end ever. he caught 78 passes and 13 touchdowns in 2009. to baseball now, the gnats pay tribute to the district of columbia fire department today wearing special ball cams. it was part of their effort to remember their heroes. here's the uniform on jason marquee. he was throwing a no hitter through 4. but emilio got through to him the, driving in a deuce. they only had 4 hits.
11:30 pm
the marlins win 4-1. dc united in toronto. check out boskovich in the corner to j.j., julius aims. j.j. dynamite. banks it in. 400 -- that ends a 434-minute scoreless streak. d.c. united wins 1-0. a lot going on tonight. nascar and richmond. clint boyer has a sticker on his ride, paying tribute to heroes. boyer only needed to finish 28 to lock up the final spot. he did that finishing. denny hamlin won his sixth race of the year, will be the top seed when the chase begins in new hampshire next week. a big day of tennis. cloudy skiesers won the first set, easily takes the second set. it only took #59d minutes. the men semifinals took longer. jokevich, roger federer, 9th set fedderer hits long and
11:31 pm
wide. advances to the finals. he'll face raphael nadal. finally, dc's kevin durant leading the way. today he went out, dropping 38 on lithuania. that's a u.s. record. u.s.a. wins 89-74, and they're into sunday's final against turkey, and tomorrow, of course, redskins. yeah. all right. >> you want to pick a course? >> no. don't do that. you pick navy. >> tomorrow morning, six to ten, steady showers. the rains ending by about two to three in the afternoon. >> 21-17 dallas. >> no. 20-17 redskinsment. >> good night, everybody. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? it tastes too good to be fiber. you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. do it again. turn it into something tasty. this guy's doing magic. there's chocolate chips in here now. how'd you do that? right! tasty fiber, that's a good one!
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